Dubya Legacy: GOP Dangerous to America

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For those of you who have been visiting this site (on the order of 500 or so per day) I appreciate your continued interest in my project.

After Dubya’s term ran out, we were left with an election that showed us a couple of important points.  First, Dubya’s term was so bad that with enough hype and dollars and a candidate that was articulate and seemed like a man of the people, Americans would even elect a black man.  Or a half black man, more like it.  Second, it became clear that the GOP had become a true believer in its own propaganda and presented the most worthless field of candidates until 2012′s batch of worthless candidates.  McCain’s VP pick made a career for comedian Tina Fey, who did the nation a public service and sent Palin packing, to lick her wounds, shoot her moose, and land a “reality” show” on TV.

Having lived through nearly the entirety of Obama’s first term, and considering the miserable posturing and blustering gang of fools that the GOP fielded, it’s obvious that as bad as Dubya was, he was a piker compared to the New GOP.  He was a moderate Republican by today’s GOP standards.  In fact, Obama has continued, amplified, and even protected some of Dubya’s works.

What would those be, you might ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.

There should have been a real congressional hearing to determine whether reporting from reliable sources (the “Downing St. Memos”) that the Bush Administration had “ginned up” a case to invade Iraq was true. It never happened.  Further, top members of the Administration have publicly admitted to authorizing war crimes and by doing so implicated Dubya and Obama refused to follow through with criminal charges.  This is totally unconscionable along with so many other Bush atrocities that most Progressives shake their heads in shame that Obama let everyone skate.

But there’s much more.

The Executive Branch power grab continues.  The blatant and disgusting domestic spying program continues.  The “Faith-based Initiative” continues and we have seen devastating results of that hare-brained idea right in our own family.  The use of highly-paid contractors to do what was formerly done by military personnel continues, effectively integrating war with big business in the field.  We still have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Obama continues to claim that we are in a perpetual state of war which gives him the authority to use drones and Tomahawk missiles to turn the whole world into a US free-fire zone without any consultation with Congress.  The US continues to spend $150 billion a year on over 20 intelligence agencies, after “Homeland” Security was supposed to consolidate everything under one office.

As bad as it is, it could be much worse

Dubya’s legacy has created an atmosphere of imperial hubris at the White House, where the President can do anything he wants with military force.  Now imagine John McCain at the helm with Sarah Palin cackling in his ear.

The policies of George W. Bush and the GOP have been specifically designed to push wealth up the food chain to the top 1 or 2 per cent.  Their social program is a complete cobbled up mess.  The basic plan is that taxes must be cut, “Obamacare” must be repealed (returning us to the mess we had that was even worse than before that horrible piece of legislation), and the New Deal must be turned back.  In other words, they want to restore the Gilded Age where the family names associated with obscene wealth and excess were made.  They also believe that you and I should return to our proper station as the destitute permanent underclass to be exploited and used up like toilet paper.

The difference between today and the 1930s which makes the GOP agenda so much more dangerous is that today we have a network of banks and instant money transfers, corporate lawyers dreaming up financial instruments none of us could ever understand, and now with Citizens United they have an unending supply of money to run the whole operation.

We will put the GOP under a microscope and show you what makes it tick; from fruitcakes like Santorum, Palin, Bachman, Beck, O’Reilly, and the rest to the nuts and bolts of their ground game.  How does a state become “red”, anyway?  We will show you that it is a combination of fear, racism, intolerance, and religious fanaticism that creates rich fields for the GOP to farm.  We will show you how the right wing (translate as “big business”) owns big media and how they censor, spin, and tug us to the right.

It’s an interesting time to be alive.  I am near the end of my life, which makes me happy in many ways because although this is interesting, it is also very frustrating and difficult to watch the hard-won gains from the 1960s wiped out by a Wall Street computer program.  It’s hard to imagine how today’s generation can ever become prepared to challenge the multinational corporations that can move their assets around like chess pieces to force their will on the common people.

You can consider this website as my gift to the new generation as my best effort to help prepare you for the future by showing you the things you may have missed when growing up as children.  It is my sincere wish that you succeed; if you fail, you may live to see the destruction of our planet.

William W. Wexler

May, 2012


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May 20th, 2012 at 2:32 am

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